How do I register ?

You can register immediately via our Customer Portal click HERE.Once you have registered you will receive an email confirming your application and once this has been reviewed and approved by our office (usually this is done within 24 hours) you will receive another email confirming you can now go ahead and register for dance classes.

I'm an adult and would love to take up dance but just don't know where to start ?

That’s great – we have several adult classes each week – for different abilities and some more energetic like Highland or Tap whereas others such as Ballet and Line Dancing are gentler. We run classes for beginners so just get in touch and let’s have a chat about what would suit you best. You can always bring a friend to keep you company. And our adult classes are just pay-on-the day so no massive commitment for you.

I know my child wants to dance, but I'm not sure what subject they should start with ?

This is a very common question and we are fortunate to offer a very wide range to dance classes even from pre-school. However, if we were to recommend just one class to start with-it would-be Ballet. This is the very foundation of dance and teaches basic skills and techniques which are required in other styles of dance so if you can master Ballet then this will stand you in good stead for your future dance choices.

Why should I enrol at FHSD ?

We firmly believe we are the best dance school at what we do. We offer a very wide range of dance styles and we cater for pupils from 18 months old to over 70 years. We hold dance examinations at several points throughout the year, so all pupils have an opportunity to progress up the exam grades as they are ready. We stage several Dance Shows a year with all pupils from pre-school through to secondary school age being given the opportunity to perform in a professionally staged dance show.

My child is just starting his/her first class

No – they can wear T-shirt and leggings/shorts. You don’t need to buy the uniform until you know they will be continuing with the class. All pupils MUST have the prescribed uniform at the beginning of their second term.