Do all pupils have to sit dance exams ?

No, it is not compulsory that pupils sit exams if they prefer not to. We will obviously be covering exam syllabus in their classes however they can decide not to sit the actual exam if they prefer. However, we do find that the vast majority of our pupils chose to sit the formal exams and they provide a valuable indicator of the pupil’s progress and progression.

What is FHSD's exam success track record ?

FHSD prides itself in having an excellent track record for our pupil examinations with consistent 100% pass rate across the school every year and a very high percentage of pupils gaining the two top grades of Highly Commended and Honours. In the year 2017/8 over 80% of our pupils gained these highest possible grades of Highly Commended or Honours which we are extremely proud of.

Specific time slots for exams

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The scheduling of a school exam day is an extremely complex process and cannot be done until all the parents have booked their child in for their exams. The exam board also impose planning and scheduling constraints which need to be factored into the final exam schedule for the day. It is not possible to provide a timeslot at the point of exam registration and it is also the reason we cannot schedule exams around individual pupil’s time schedules.

Late Response - Can my child still sit the exam?

No, unfortunately they have missed this particular exam day. The exam boards require all the candidate names in advance and all the examination paperwork is completed in advance, so late entries cannot be accepted.

Do pupils need to wear uniform for exams?

Yes, they do – it is a requirement of examination board that all pupils should wear the prescribed uniform. Pupils not wearing the correct uniform will not be allowed to sit the exam on the day and will not be refunded the exam fee. Details of all uniform requirements are found on the FHSD website.

I’ve not heard about my child's exam ?

We assess each child individually and if they are not quite ready for an examination at this time then we will not put them forward. Our belief is that all children develop at different rates and we want to set them up for as big a success in exams as they are capable of achieving.

Is my child being entered for examinations ?

We will email you to let you know if they are being entered in an examination. FHSD runs several examination days throughout the year and we assess each pupil individually and will put them forward only when we believe they are ready.