What performance opportunities are there ?

As a school FHSD is unusual in staging multiple dance shows each year. We stage separate dance shows for our pre-school section, two Junior School shows and two Senior School shows. In addition, we are often invited to perform at other community events in Peeblesshire. We have also staged shows at the Innerleithen Music Festival as well as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Do all pupils take part in the FHSD Dance Shows ?

No, pupils are not obliged to take part on our Dance Shows however we find that for the vast majority of our pupils this is a highlight of their dance year. We put a huge effort into preparing each show to be the very best it can be with great care taken over music, costumes, choreography and staging and lighting to really give our pupils a wonderful performance opportunity to show off their skills and techniques to friends and family. We will obviously be covering show choreography in classes in the run up to show time.