We firmly believe we are the best dance school at what we do. We offer a very wide range of dance styles and we cater for pupils from 18 months old to over 70 years. We hold dance examinations at several points throughout the year, so all pupils have an opportunity to progress up the exam grades as they are ready. We stage several Dance Shows a year with all pupils from pre-school through to secondary school age being given the opportunity to perform in a professionally staged dance show.

We are a dance school with high standards and strong discipline and at the same time we care about every pupil and want them to love the experience of Dance and to enjoy their dancing with FHSD. A significant number of our pupils join us aged 3 or 4 years old and stay with FHSD for their entire dancing career until they leave secondary school progressing steadily through exam grades, picking up more dance subjects and taking part in numerous shows during their time with us. Even once they’ve left our Senior School many former pupils maintain contact and come back to watch or assist at our shows, take up a teaching role at FHSD or simply come along to our adult classes. We’re also very fortunate to have our own purpose designed dance studios in central Peebles where most of our classes and lessons take place and these are great spaces to work and create and practice.