Pupil Code of Conduct

  1. Pupils must be on time for the prompt start of their classes. If late they should apologise to their class teacher. Senior Pupils who are unable to attend a scheduled class must notify the School as soon as possible and no later than noon of the day of the scheduled class.
  2. Pupils are expected to attend for the full duration of each class and will only be permitted to arrive late or leave early under special prior agreement with the class teacher.
  3. FHSD does not enrol pupils if they attend dance tuition with another dance school, dance company or tuition provider.
  4. Pupils must wear the correct uniform and shoes for their classes and exams.
  5. Pupils must not wear jewellery, watches or make-up in class.
  6. Pupils with long hair should always have their hair tied back for classes. All hair, regardless of length, must be kept well back off the face.
  7. Pupils must never chew gum or eat in class. Pupils can bring a bottle of water into class, but not juice.
  8. Pupils must listen carefully to their class teacher and take on board all suggestions for improvement.
  9. Pupils should go to the bathroom before the start of their class to minimise disruptions during teaching time.
  10. Pupils must at all times be courteous to their Teachers, Class Assistants and be courteous and considerate of other pupils.