Enrolment Terms and Conditions

  1. All pupils must wear the correct uniform and shoes for their classes. New pupils should obtain all items of uniform during their first term and should wear correct uniform thereafter.

  2. All customer accounts must be paid up-to-date for pupils to be allowed to take part in shows and examinations, regardless of whether any application paperwork has been completed and submitted within the timescales outlined.

  3. If customer accounts are outstanding FHSD reserves the right to withdraw pupils from classes until the account is settled in full. FHSD will always take action to recover any overdue monies owing including passing any debt to 3rd parties for recovery.

  4. Class fees are not refunded for non-attendance, except where pupils are suffering long-term illness or injury. Notification of long-term illness or injury must be submitted by parents in writing either by letter or email to the Principal for consideration and formal agreement. Current term fees are non-refunable if a pupil decides mid-term not to continue with their dance classes.

  5. FHSD does not enrol pupils if they attend dance tuition with another dance school, dance company or tuition provider.

  6. FHSD reserves the right to take photographs and/or film of classes, holiday schools, parties, rehearsals, events and shows. This material can be used by FHSD for printed and/or online forms of marketing and other communication purposes. Should you wish to opt out of this please inform the Principal in writing at time of pupil enrolment, so this can be kept on file.

  7. Pupils are required to adhere to the FHSD Pupil Code of Conduct which is available at https://www.fionahendersondance.com/content/school-rules and at FHSD Studios.

  8. FHSD gathers, processes and maintains customer and pupil data in accordance with the Privacy Notice at http://www.fionahendersondance.co.uk/content/privacy-notice.