The Code of Ethics shall apply to all members and the terms “teacher and educator” will include all members of The British Association of Teachers of Dancing.

The Code of Ethics shall set the standards and provide guidelines for members of the B.A.T.D. 

The goals will include the development and promotion of integrity, dignity and professionalism both amongst members and their students.

  1. The Teacher shall create and maintain a professional image.
  2. The Teacher/educator has a responsibility to uphold B.A.T.D. standards and educational goals. It is their responsibility to abide by the rules and bye laws and all other policies of the association. The Teacher/educator shall not make false representation of the BATD to individuals or organizations. 
  3. Teachers are ethically bound to be the best they can at their profession and provide quality dance education to their students. They should strive to learn new techniques and educate themselves about new material, growing and constantly update their knowledge especially when new syllabi and revisions are introduced through the B.A.T.D. educational process. 
  4. Members are bound by the same ethical standards of confidentiality with their colleagues as they are with their students. It is important to respect the individual choices of their fellow teachers and be willing to work with them professionally, regardless of age, sex, ethnic origin, qualification or personal differences. Members should act in a professional, non-threatening manner in all interactions. 
  5. It is against the Code of ethics to harass or discriminate against a student due to their race, colour, sex, nationality, religion or physical/mental condition. 
  6. Members should not knowingly misrepresent information in communicating with students, parents or other teaching professionals. This shall include any public statements, promotional materials and activities or advertisements. Teachers shall not misrepresent professional qualifications or mislead the public with false, fraudulent deceptive or unfair statements.