Day Time Class Venue Cost
Mondays 6.30pm - 7.15pm Highland Hustle (age 16+)** FHSD Studios £4.50
Tuesdays 7.15pm - 8.10pm Classical Ballet (age 16+) FHSD Studios £6.00
8.15pm - 9.10pm Contemporary (age 16+) FHSD Studios £6.00
Wednesdays 10.00am - 10.55am Ballet at the Barre FHSD Studios £6.00
11.00am - 11.55am Classical Ballet FHSD Studios £6.00
Thursdays 7.15pm - 8.10pm Dance for Fitness (age 16+) FHSD Studios £6.00
8.15pm - 9.10pm Pilates with Meggy FHSD Studios £6.00
Fridays 10.30am - 11.25am Line Dancing (Age 16+) FHSD Studios £6.00
11.30am - 12.25pm Absolute Beginner's Ballet (Age 16+) FHSD Studios £5.00
6.30pm - 7.25pm Burlesque Fitness and Dance ** FHSD Studios £5.00
7.30pm - 8.25pm Burlesque Fitness and Dance** FHSD Studios £5.00


All prices include VAT apart from **where not applicable



Line Dancing

This low-impact, very sociable dance style is such good fun. Great music to dance to – easy to learn dances. It’s super exercise without feeling like exercise!


Highland Hustle

An exciting dance fitness workout with a twist. Based on ceilidh and highland dance movements, this class makes working out fantastic fun.

All Ages.


Ballet at the Barre

This takes all the traditional classical ballet movements in easy-to-remember sequences danced at the barre. This class will improve co-ordination, balance, posture and muscle-tone.


Classical Ballet

A classical Ballet class incorporating sections at the barre, adage (slow, controlled sequences) and allegro (upbeat, elevated sequences).


Beginner's Ballet

A perfect class for those who have never danced before or who are beginners in Ballet.

Ballet works lots of muscles all at the same time and improves balance and posture. Age 16+



Technique based Contemporary dance promoting flexibility and range of movement. Age 16+


Dance for Fitness

A fabulous cocktail of Latin, Modern and Contemporary styles seamlessly fused together in this dynamic, up-tempo dance class.   Age 16+


Pilates with Meggy

Taught by Pilates instructor Meggy Viana, these Pilates classes focus on strength work, flexibility and alignment of the body. Meggy originally qualified and started teaching Pilates and Fitness in her native Portugal before coming to the UK to pursue her a career in dance and choreography. Her Pilates sessions are influenced by her knowledge of body movement and fluidity as a professional dancer and tutor.
The first block of classes runs from Thursday 9th January to Thursday 13th February (inclusive) at a block booking rate of £30. The class is also available on a pay-by-class drop-in basis for £6 per class (subject to availability). Bring your own mat/towel. Open to all age 16+.

Burlesque Fitness

Fabulous, Fun Burlesque-inspired dance fitness class.